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Having your bump painted is a great way of remembering this special time and makes a brilliant keepsake for after your baby is born.

They are also a fun way of announcing your pregnancy.

Or if you are thinking of buying a package as a present,  gift vouchers are available - perfect for baby showers.


Having had two pregnancies myself, I will do my utmost to make you feel as relaxed and at ease as possible

This is a bespoke service with a design created just for you. Dont worry If you dont have a design in mind, I'm happy to make suggestions.


It is a pleasant experience done in the comfort of your own home.

Have your partner, family or friends present if you wish.

You can sit, lie or stand - however you feel comfortable and can take as many breaks or position changes as you like. You dont need to remove any clothing, just roll up your top and towels are placed inside your clothing to protect them.

Stretchmarks ? Not a problem, they can be covered up with the paints.

Most bump designs take around an hour to paint.


£55 for a one hour session.

(+ travelling if outside Telford)


Please call 07770 597596 to book

Photography by CDHpix. Copyright © 2018

I also work alongside a professional photographer - who can attend the session with me and take fabulous pictures for you to cherish.  

Pre-Natal  Belly Art

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